Halloween Blackjack

Blackjack fun just got spooky with Halloween Blackjack! Play the best Blackjack game on the web with an updated Halloween theme, complete with ghosts and pumpkins! Don't get bored playing your regular blackjack games and instead keep it exciting with all the new seasons of Blackjack only from 247 Games!

Halloween Blackjack is played like casino blackjack, with you versus the dealer. Offering many options, Halloween Blackjack is sure to please even the pickiest of the Blackjack players. Blackjack is a game, when played correctly, that has some of the best odds in the casino. Halloween Blackjack channels those odds and even offers advice in the bottom right corner in case you wonder where the best odds lie based on your card flop.

Place your bid by clicking on the chips in the bottom left corner. This bid will autopopulate every hand, so if you'd like to reduce the amount you're bidding, click the bid chips to return them to your stack. When you love your bid, click the Deal button for the dealer to pass out cards appropriately. Play on by doubling, staying, splitting, or hitting: however the Halloween Blackjack expert in you feels fit! Each hand will finish with you knowing the result and then moving on quickly to start the next hand! Run out of money? Just restart the game and you'll be on your way to a sure Halloween Blackjack payday!

Blackjack Halloween Strategy

  • Overbid? Click the Halloween Blackjack chips in the upper left bid area to return them to the pile!
  • Want to double? Click the double button on the chip bid pile to double that bet after your blackjack deal!
  • Pure blackjack occurs when a player (or dealer) receives an ace and a 10, Jack, Queen, or King on the flop.
  • Need blackjack advice every turn? Click the home button to turn on that option and then Resume your previous Halloween Blackjack game!


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