St. Patrick's Day Blackjack

May the luck of the Irish be with you for this seasonal St. Patrick's Day Blackjack game! Watch the blackjack chips rain in fortune as you win big in this classic blackjack game with a St Patty Day twist!

Test your luck before you hit the casinos on St. Patrick's Day Blackjack. Blackjack is a simple casino game where the goal is to add your cards to 21 without going over, while beating the dealer. Select your blackjack chips to place a bet, then deal the cards. Based on the dealt cards and money pile, you'll be given a multitude of options. You may get another card (HIT), keep the cards you have (STAY), insure against the dealer getting blackjack if the dealer has an Ace showing (INSURE), double your bet and receive only one more card (DOUBLE), and split your hand into two hands by doubling down on your bet and playing two hands if you have two cards of the same kind (SPLIT). If the first two cards dealt to you equal 21, you have an automatic Blackjack and you win 1.5 times the money! All other wins are 1x the blackjack bet.

Blackjack St. Patrick's Day Strategy

  • If the blackjack dealer is showing a weak card, like a 5 or 6 and you have less than 11, double down and bet on their bust!
  • Dealer must hit on soft 17s, which means they are using an Ace to make 17. You can change this option from the blackjack home screen or menu button.
  • The insurance blackjack bet is a loser's bet. It's always in the house favor, so we recommend you pass!


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